Beavercreek High School Gets New Principals: Mr. Wren


John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

As you probably know, Beavercreek High School has three new principals. We have a new head principal and two new assistant principals. In this article we will learn a little bit about our new head principal, Mr. Wren. 

Mr. Wren attended Beavercreek City Schools from grades kindergarten to 12th grade. He graduate from Kent State, and found an interest in Northeast Ohio. After not finding a job in Northeast Ohio, he got hired as an Intervention Special which started his career at Beavercreek City Schools. 

Mr. Wren said the biggest challenge for this year would be the, “Fear of the unknown.” Him and the rest of the staff spent hours preparing for school to restart, but it was hard to tell what school was going to look like. The staff is trying to create as much normalcy as possible in order to lower staff and students’ anxiety. 

Hopefully you learned a little bit about our new head principal, Mr. Wren. In my next article we will learn about one of our new assistant principals, Mr. Reynolds.