The Dangers of Social Media

Cameron Birt, Student Journalist

Using social media can be a great way for students to stay connected and informed about the world around them, but it could very easily develop into an unhealthy dependence if people aren’t careful. It can also provide a platform for individuals with hateful opinions. 

While it is typically beneficial, there are a lot of harmful things that might accompany social media use as a high school student, including the risk of being the victim of cyberbullying.  There are comments and entire accounts made by peers on apps like Instagram that are dedicated to being hateful towards and making fun of the LGBTQ+ community, those who have been a victim of sexual harassment, people of color, and other minority groups.

Just like any other addictive activities, scrolling through social media can be emotionally and physically exhausting. When asked how they feel about social media in general, one of the students here at BHS explained that “it is generally a positive, you just need to make sure it isn’t taking over, or else it becomes detrimental.” Another student has even explicitly said that “I get withdrawal symptoms if I’m not on it for a whole day.”

 It is important to spread awareness and recognize that these are genuine concerns so that people who are struggling with social media addiction and kids who are being bullied can get the help that they need.