Going to School during a Pandemic

Chase Bennett, Student Journalist

Trying to go to school with hundreds of other students in the middle of a pandemic seems impossible. How can you stop the spread with hundreds of people in the same building every day? Well, Ben Albrecht shows how Beavercreek High School has taken the necessary precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Ben Albrecht, a senior at Beavercreek high school, says it is hard to be socially distant with the number of people at the school. As much as they try to stay six feet away from others, sometimes this is impossible when you’re dealing with hundreds of students. Ben Albrecht describes the protocol changes of the high school, with every student wiping off desks between periods and masks being mandatory at all times, excluding lunch.

The effect of a pandemic on high school students extends far beyond the cleaning procedures that the school has put into place. As a senior soccer player, Ben is affected in many other ways by this pandemic. When asked how his soccer season has changed, he responded, “We have been limited to a certain amount of fans in the crowd, so the atmosphere of the game has changed, making it feel like a practice.” The change of pace for the whole soccer season must feel a bit odd when you are used to always seeing cheering fans in the stands.

Being a senior in a pandemic brings complications to the normal year that seniors have been known to have. When asked if Ben had any worries about not having a regular senior year, he said, “It sucks that we won’t have some of the normal hs experiences, but we will definitely remember this year.”

With no homecoming or pep rallies in the fall, seniors are missing the normal senior experience. But, as Ben said, they will definitely remember their senior year of high school.