Beavercreek High School Mascot Boosts Morale

Cooper Hansen, Student Journalist

Many students at Beavercreek High School would agree that school events are essential to keeping up school spirit. It would be hard for many to imagine Bucky the Beaver, our school’s mascot, not showing up to these important events. Senior Rachel Martin has been enthusiastic about accepting the role of the school mascot and has carried out her duties faithfully. 

Last year Jack Dewine, the mascot for football games, decided to pass on the opportunity of being the mascot for basketball games to his friend Rachel Martin. By talking to the cheer coach, Rachel was able to receive the mascot and wear it at as many basketball games as she could attend. As the mascot, Rachel joined in with the pep band and cheerleaders. She also did her fair share of cheering with the student section. Rachel described that her main purpose “was to get the student section hype for the game, do Fornite dances at halftime, and spread school spirit.” 

Although Rachel described the costume as “very itchy,” she felt that her role was very rewarding when she hyped up the crowd causing it to become louder than normal. Because Rachel is a senior this year, she encourages others to try out being the mascot for the years to come. Rachel believes that other students would love being the mascot because “you can be as crazy as you want to and nobody will know it is you.” While nobody is currently wearing the mascot at events due to the pandemic, soon enough the opportunity will present itself for another student to take on this important role.