NBA Finals Recap

Chase Bennet

A week ago, the Lakers won the NBA finals in six games, bringing a close to a historic NBA season. With the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBA had to figure out a way to finish the season safely after the regular season was cut a few games short. The NBA decided to create a “bubble” in Orlando, Florida, where the players would stay and finish out the season. The bubble was a major success, having no cases in the more than two months they were there.

The NBA playoffs were a wild ride. Some of the major surprises were the Bucks and Clippers not making the conference finals of either conference. These two teams were two of the three favorites to win the title, so when they lost, all NBA fans were surprised.

Another major surprise of the season was that it was even finished. Many thought, with the introduction of coronavirus, the NBA season was over for good. Carroll junior Jake Reuter had this to say about the unusual season: “The biggest surprise of the NBA season was the ability to finish the season while a pandemic seemed to shut everything else down.”

Opinions on the Lakers winning the title are widespread. Jake Reuter, a junior at Carroll High School says he is content with the Lakers winning the title because “it is a great tribute to Kobe Bryant and his family.”

Since this NBA season was unlike any other, many consider this championship to be either more or less meaningful than previous seasons. Reuer thinks “it still means the same as a regular championship, they had to earn it just the same as past years.”