NFL Season Review

Cooper Hansen

With the NFL 7 weeks into its season, many teams have shocked the world while others have been very disappointing. When asked what team he thought has done surprisingly well, senior Cole Baker responded, “Raiders have been the most surprising to me. Not due to record or personnel but I just feel like this year they can beat anybody.” When asked the same question, junior Joey Keller responded, “The Chicago bears, they lead their division with a 5-1 record and have a special defense to win them games.” Personally, I think that the Colts have had the most surprising season so far. Although the colts have had a terrible offense with Phillips Rivers at QB, their defense has been phenomenal. If the Colt clean up their offense, they could be superbowl contenders. 

Keller predicted that the superbowl matchup would be Seahawks vs. Chiefs, while Baker believed that it would be Packers vs. Titans. I have the same predictions as Joey. Russel Wilson is having an MVP caliber season and is going to lead his team to the superbowl. The Seahawks have some amazing weapons on offense and a good enough defense to win games. The Chiefs will meet the Seahawks in the Super Bowl because Patrick Mahomes knows how to utilize his elite skill players on offense.