Cost To Run A School

Eric Anderson

As one might guess, there are many costs to run a school. However, it’s not as simple as just giving the school money. In the words of our superintendent, Mr. Paul Otton, “The district consists of departments and schools – each one [with] its own budget.” While every program within the school aims to get the most funding that they can, funds must be distributed between the many different programs at BHS. To help decide how to fairly spread these funds, the Treasurer’s Office looks at the “needs that each [program] has for the operational success of the district.” While the school district’s expenses total around $93,000,000 each year, that money is split amongst over twenty-five different programs within the district.

There are costs at the general, whole school and district, level, but also within the individual classrooms. As teachers see needs within their classrooms not met by what is supplied by the school, it takes out of pocket money to come up with the needed supplies. For each school year, Mrs. Nartker spends approximately $200-$300 on a variety of physical and virtual materials. Mrs. Nartker uses many different “technology platforms,” but “free versions only get you so far.” Still, Mrs. Nartker believes that while “money is tight,” the “staff does a great job utilizing what [they] are given.”