A “Sneaky” Side-job


Enoch Graham

Sneakers are everywhere! Whether you prefer high-tops over slip-ons or Vans over Converse, chances are you’ve got a pair sitting at home right now.  To many, they’re just accessories, the final touch that completes an outfit, but teens across the country are proving that shoes can be more than accessories.


Quentin Youngblood, a freshman at BHS, owns forty-eight pairs of sneakers, a stockpile of Nikes and Vans that occupies an entire wall of his room.  At first glance, you might think him to be vain, but his shoe-store-of-a-closet doesn’t just look pretty; it pays pretty too.  Youngblood is one of many teens who has thought to make a few extra dollars by turning their interest in shoes into a side-job.  “I buy and resell shoes for a profit,” he said during an interview, “I’ll buy a pair when they’re new, and after they’ve been discontinued, I can usually sell ‘em for around $100 more than what I paid for ‘em.”  This practice has gained popularity among sneaker-loving teens in recent years.  In a way, shoes have become like the shares of the stock market: an investment.    

There is no denying that forty-eight pairs of sneakers is a bit much for one person.  Youngblood even admits that the ones he wears most often only get worn once a week at most, but it’s important to remember that his shoes aren’t just an accessory to him; they’re an asset.  Shoes aren’t commonly seen as such, but when in the hands of budding entrepreneurs like Youngblood, anything can become a lucrative resource.