Peer Pressure in High School

Have you ever gone somewhere with your friends that you didn’t want to or have you done something you thought was a bad idea but your friends disagreed? That is peer pressure and it happens all through life, but most importantly in high school. I interviewed two people that I know experienced it before, Beavercreek High School sophomores Emma Schell and Samantha Wolfe. 

While talking to Wolfe and Schell, I heard about how their friends have changed over high school; They said they have lost a lot of friends because of their friend’s change in personality. Wolfe and Schell told me they were honestly okay with it because they know that their friends have used peer pressure against them before. Wolfe told me a story about how her ex-boyfriend took her to a place that she “felt very uncomfortable and [she] just wanted to go home.” That same night She told me she saw the worst side of her ex-boyfriend that day, after hearing that I asked her if she ever saw the worst side of her other friends, and her answer was yes. Wolfe used to get nervous telling them something because of the fear of being judged. Schell also said that she feels that same fear, but that is not the only way their friends impact them. They said that their friends have a very heavy emotional impact on them because they hang out with them like 2-3 times a week outside of school, and also during marching band.

While talking about all this peer pressure, I asked what they do to handle it. They didn’t really say much except that they just ignored it and walked away, but we got to talking and they told me that they do try to help them stop doing stuff, Samantha told me that she talked to her ex-boyfriend’s mom and she told her about where they went and his mom said he will never go there again because of how uncomfortable Samantha felt.