Missing Halloween

Emily Macbeth, Staff Writer

As Halloween approaches, stores are already preparing for the Christmas season. Walking into a store just a few days before Halloween only to find red and green while Christmas music is already playing is quite disappointing. It is extremely upsetting that most stores overlook a holiday that hasn’t occurred yet but is loved by many. 

Personally, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love walking through stores to look at the different decorations and get excited for the holiday. The different lights, costumes, and candy are always fun to browse through in the days leading up to Halloween. Unfortunately, just days before Halloween I was surprised to find most stores have already put the majority of their decorations away. 

I truly believe that stores should not be putting Christmas decorations out until at least after Halloween, if not even after for Thanksgiving. It seems unfair to the people who love the holidays before Christmas when they are overlooked. Junior Amelia Leonard agrees and says, “I personally like Christmas more than I like Halloween, but it is still weird that stores have Christmas decorations out before Halloween.” The actions made by stores are just a little strange as Christmas is already a huge holiday that receives a lot of attention, and I think that other holidays should be respected and celebrated just as much. 

On another note, it seems illogical to put away decorations for a holiday that has not occurred yet. I feel as though last minute shoppers searching for a costume, decorations, or candy could provide stores with a lot of business, but the stores are overlooking those potential customers. With only minimal Halloween options left, anyone looking for something specific would be out of luck. This is unfortunate for many, much like myself, who love the holiday and were relying on stores to still have their Halloween items out. 

While it is understandable that stores want to get ahead of the game for the upcoming holiday season, it is still disappointing to find on October 27th a lack of Halloween spirit.