Effects of the School Levy Failure

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

This past election the community voted on a school levy. According to dayton247now.com, the Beavercreek City School District released a statement following the results of the election saying, “This is not the outcome we wanted for our schools and unfortunately, our budget needs do not go away with this failure. In fact, by not securing the $18.5 million that passage of this levy would have generated for our schools, our ability to provide the current quality of education and our future fiscal stability is now in jeopardy.” 

According to the statement by the Beavercreek City School district the school levy failing could have some major effects on schools around the community. With the levy failing things that used to be available to students might be taken away. For example, certain elective classes that were offered might be gone next year to reduce costs. This will take away the students opportunity to explore different subjects through these classes.

The failing of the levy could also lead to higher expenses for the students and their families. For example, there has been talks of raising the pay to play fee for high school sports to generate more income. The school will have to continue to look to other sources of funding or ways to cut spending until a levy passes.