Approaching Level 4

Emily Macbeth, Staff Writer

On Thursday, November 12th, Ohio updated the Coronavirus (COVID-19) dashboard. With this update, Greene County has come scarily close to leaving level 3, and heading towards level 4. Level 4 would result in almost a complete shutdown of the county, like in the spring. 

The county has been on level 3 for a while now, meeting 4 out of 7 indicators. The Ohio Public Health Advisory’s website says, “the levels are determined by seven data indicators that identify the risk level for each county and a corresponding color code to represent that risk level.” Of the indicators, indicator 7- ICU bed occupancy, is coming very close to being met as well, with only about 7% left before it is met. This would tip the county into the purple, completely changing life for everyone. 

Another one of the indicators, indicator 1- New Cases Per Capita, is way over the number that would allow the county to back down from level 3 into level 2 again. The number that the county would prefer to have is 100 cases per every 100,000. Greene County currently has 500 cases. This further leads towards the county moving to level 4, rather than moving back down to level 2.