The End of the Semester: What Is It Going To Look Like?

Emma Schell, Student Journalist

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it, but will the end of the semester activities stay the same?

Exams have always been at the end of the semester, but because of the blended learning, we have fallen behind as students. The administrators have decided to have exams after our winter break, which has positives and negatives to it. Students can look forward to no exams before the holiday break. However, without exam exemptions, they will have to study over the break. Ved Patel, a junior at Beavercreek High School, has a say on the negatives of having exams after the break, “I think it’s a negative because I feel like it causes more stress over winter break.” 

As of right now, there are some ideas on how they are going to work. Assistant principal, Mrs. Bailey, says, “Right now the administrators are still working through first semester exams. The original plan was to have first semester exams on January 8-13th. However, we know that the switch to blended learning put our teachers and students behind. We still have yet to see if Covid causes additional interruptions. The last thing we want to do is create is any additional undue stress on our students.” 

There are no definitive answers on how the exams will work until after the administrators decide if we will be online or in person. But, at this point, we can look forward to Thanksgiving and then Christmas without worrying about exams