What Does the Farmer’s Almanac’s Prediction for this Winter?


Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

For years the Farmer’s Almanac has been making weather predictions. It’s actually the oldest weather predictor in the country starting all the way back in 1818. The Farmer’s Almanac is especially unique because it offers much more long term predictions than any other weather predictors.

The formula that the Farmer’s Almanac uses to predict the weather is based on many things such as sunspot activity, tidal action of the moon, the positions of the planets and many other factors, but the specific formula is a well guarded secret.

As for this year, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts very cold, flaky weather for us in Ohio. Overall this year you can definitely expect to see a lot more snow than last year if you trust the Farmer’s Almanac. More specifically it also predicts that we will see a large snowfall at the beginning of February.

It seems impossible to be able to predict the weather so far in advance, but the Farmer’s Almanac claims almost eighty five percent accuracy. It will be fascinating to see if their predictions with their time tested formula are accurate this year.