Gift Ideas for Teens On A Budget

Emma Schell, Student Journalist

With the holidays coming up, and with Covid-19 on the rise, budgets are tighter than normal this year. Inexpensive gifts can help with the budget and you can still buy gifts for your friends and family.

Finding the right store to go to can be tough, but there are some great ones out there for great gifts. Some suggestions are: Walmart, Target, 5-Below, Bath and Body Works, and the Dollar Store. Amazon is also a great place to find what you want to get for someone and it’s usually inexpensive. They are always great to go to when you need to buy a gift on a budget. 

But, even if you find the right store, finding the perfect gift for someone can be tough. Gift ideas are hard to come up with. Here’s a list of some examples: candles, hand sanitizers, candy gift bags, socks, etc. are really great gift ideas on a budget. You could also make a D.I.Y project for your friends or family. Gift ideas are hard to come up with in general, but this year makes it harder with a smaller budget.

The holidays are going to be different from normal this year, but at least we are still able to give gifts to friends and family and be able to spend time with them, whether it be in person or over a call.