Should State Testing Occur This Year?

Emily Macbeth, Staff Writer

While the world still faces the global pandemic the question has been raised once again, should there be state testing for this school year? This is a difficult question to answer because there are many reasons for either option. 

The strongest argument against state testing this year is that many classes may have not covered the material due to the inconsistent and ever changing learning models. Assistant Principal Ms. Bailey said, “I am not sure that judging a student’s and a teacher’s performance based upon one test given in one or two days is a valid measure of a student or teacher’s ability.” Especially this year, the students are split between in-person and virtual learning with completely different courses and instruction. This makes it very difficult to collect accurate data on whether or not students are reaching standards because everyone is working on different things and experiencing vastly different methods of learning. 

In defense of state testing, it must be recognized that this would be the second year without state testing. Ms. Bailey said, “Collecting data helps teachers make informed decisions about instruction.” State testing is a significant factor that teachers use to measure whether or not they need to adjust their instruction. It would be especially crucial to understand how they would need to adjust their virtual instruction in case for future years. It is also majorly important for students to understand where they stand and what they need to put more effort into in the future.

While this is a very important topic to all the students, teachers, and administrators the choice for state testing is out of the school’s hands. The Ohio Department of Education makes the final decision for the whole state. For now it is a waiting game to see whether students will be taking their state tests this year.