How COVID-19 Has Affected the Hockey Team?


Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

Our lives have been completely changed due to COVID-19. Everything that used to be normal now is different. High school sports are no different. According to the BHS athletic director, Brad Pompos, “scheduling has been very challenging for all the teams this school year. Issues have been our own teams quarantining, our opponents doing so, reduced capacity in invite based sports, conferences choosing to go conference only scheduling, etc.” 

As Mr. Pompous said, scheduling can be very difficult due to a variety of reasons. Some conferences have chosen to go to only conference schedules, which makes it hard for conferences not doing that schedule. Students having to quarantine and positive COVID-19 tests can also be an issue. One of the coaching staff for the BHS hockey team tested positive. This caused several students on the team to have to quarantine. 

Despite all these challenges, the team has been off to a hot start. Their record so far is 8-0 with their latest win being against Lexington. They won the game 5-1. In the 2020 Winter Classic, the Beavers took second place. The Beavers reached the finals with wins against Gahanna, Northern Kentucky, and Moeller JV. In the finals, the Beavers played the reigning Kentucky HS state champions, Rampage of Owensboro, Kentucky. The Creek were putting up a hard fight until the Rampage started to slip away in the third period and they ended up losing the game 6-2. 

The BHS Hockey team has been playing great even with the struggles of COVID-19. Hopefully they can keep up their good run of form throughout the rest of the season.