Looking into French Club

John Rick, Inside BHS

French Club is a club that meets one Thursday every month. The meetings are held in Madame Spence’s room, which is on the far end of the basement. Her room is right below Mrs. Lentz’s room and Mrs. Nartker’s room. 

During their meetings, the members often do fun activities that help you learn more about French language and culture. For example, in one of their meetings they tried to recreate French monuments with food. One group made an Eiffel Tower out of spaghetti two years ago. The winner of this event wins candy or some reward. 

For their next meeting, they plan to do a scavenger hunt. They plan for it to be an amazing race style of scavenger hunt. If you enjoy scavenger hunts or amazing race, you might want to think about attending the next French Club meeting. 

Thomas Holte, the student leader of French Club, said, “French Club is so fun because anyone can go even if they don’t know french and still learn some trivia.” That quote illustrates how welcoming the people in French Club are. You might be nervous to go because you don’t know much French, but that is okay. French Club welcomes new members of all skill levels. 

French Club also tries to hold a bocce ball tournament at the end of every school year, so pay attention for that event at the end of the school year. If you have any questions about French Club, contact Thomas Holte or Madame Spence.