5 Things You Should Always Keep In Your Car

Ana Pohlmann, Staff Writer

One of the best things about getting your driver’s license and your own car is how you’re going to decorate it. Whether it’s a fur wheel cover, car scents, or fancy car coasters, new drivers always find ways to make their car unique. However, most young adults only focus on what they “want” in their car instead of what they “need” in their car. That car coaster isn’t going to come in handy when you are stranded on the side of the road with no gas. Beavercreek’s school resource officer, Officer Williams, says,” There are certain things you need in your car that can come in handy in dire situations.” Below are some items you should consider getting in your car for safety purposes.  

  • Window scraper – Especially during this time when it gets cold in the mornings and frost covers your windshield, it’s necessary to keep a scraper on you. You do not want to risk looking through a foggy window. 
  • Snow shovel – You never know when a snowstorm is going to hit. You should keep a small shovel in your car to help move any matter that is obstructing your ability to drive.
  • Cellphone – Having a cellphone on you is important if you break down and need assistance.
  • Insurance card – If you get into an accident, an insurance card could help cover any expenses.
  • Blanket – Blankets help keep you warm in the winter if you are ever stuck or waiting on assistance.