The Effects of COVID-19 on Super Bowl LV

The Effects of COVID-19 on Super Bowl LV

Mark Rick, Opinion Editor

This year the Super Bowl will feature the high powered offense of the Kansas City Chiefs and the wild card, Tamba Bay Buccaneers. The Chiefs will be hoping to win their second straight Super Bowl while the Buccaneers will hope to win their first Super Bowl since 2003. 

The Super Bowl this year is one unlike any other since it is happening in the middle of a pandemic. Throughout the season, the number of fans allowed at games depended on the stadium and was up to the team to choose. For Super Bowl LV, there will be 22,000 fans. The NFL recently announced that 7,500 tickets will be given to vaccinated health care workers to honor the work that they’ve done. Fans at the Super Bowl will be required to wear masks and stay within the group they went with. This year will be the lowest attendance of any Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LV is unique for other reasons besides being in the middle of a pandemic. For example, this will be the first time in NFL history that a team will play the Super Bowl at their home stadium. The game will be hosted at the Buccaneers stadium. 

The Chiefs are the reigning Super Bowl champions and are the favorites in this game. That being said, the Buccaneers are at home and have Tom Brady at quarterback. Brady is hoping to get his seventh Super Bowl win. Either way, I think it will be a close game.