Transitioning to In-Person School

AJ Houseknecht

After the end of the second semester, there were many students who came back to school after being in school the first semester. Not only was this difficult for them, but it also changed a few things for the students that were previously in person.

Some of the students who came back from online, thought that coming back in person was stressful because of the lack of social distancing and congestion in the hallways. Shreyas Tegala, a junior at BHS, said, “I originally went online to stay away from COVID-19, and now that I am back, the closeness of all the students is kind of stressful.”

For those who were already in person, the only thing that changed was the amount of people in their classes. Students left some classes to transition online, and students joined classes to transition into in person classes. Not only that, but there are more people in their classes this semester than last semester. Aiden Johnson, a senior at BHS, stated, “I’ve noticed a lot of people come into my classes that I’ve never seen before. There are so many more people in the hallways and in classes and it makes me worry about the spread of the virus in school.” 

Students being in such close contact with each other, has caused a new worry amongst the students. Will there be a break out that is unable to be contained? Will we be forced to go online again? How will the virus be contained? However, all these things have been thought out by the school board and will be handled appropriately.