Beavercreek’s All Star Dance Team

Caitlyn Russell, Student Reporter

Beavercreek’s All-Star Dance Team is back at it again this year! Not many people know about this team but it consists of members of all range and ability. After competing at their first competition Sunday, January 17th, it seems like nothing (even COVID-19) can hold these dancers back. In their bright neon colored shirts, their routine this year is amazing. It is about robots and it looks so cool. All the members did an incredible job portraying their role.

Coached by two of our wonderful special education teachers, Mrs. Haacke and Mrs. Rizzote, this all inclusive team includes thirty-two kids on it.  Further, all the members find that this is a fun and wonderful group to be. One of the members, Mikhaila Jones states that “The all star dance team creates such an accepting and positive atmosphere and you get to know such wonderful people.” 

This year the All-Star Dance team gladly received the opportunity to work with an amazing Choreographer Richie McKeever, and he says that “Everyone deserves a chance to dance”. Richie McKeever owns and coaches at Quest Extreme Gymnastics and Sports Center. The team was so surprised and excited to work with him. Even though he has been with us for a short time, Richie has found that “…choreographing the all-star routine has brought so much joy to [his] life, these kids hold a special place in [his] heart”. He also told me that watching these kids do their routine was “such a blessing and very heartwarming.”