Cold Weather Comes to Beavercreek

Cold Weather Comes to Beavercreek

Cooper Hansen, Student Journalist

Last week’s weather brought Beavercreek High School students a much needed snow day. Many students enjoyed their time sledding, playing in the snow, or just relaxing at home. It looks like the next few days will look a bit warmer and clearer than last week but not by much. 


On Saturday it will be much nicer with the sun shining for most of the day and a high of 27 degrees and a low of 16 degrees. Saturday would be a good day to go shopping or visit a friend because of the clearer, more enjoyable weather. 


Sunday will also be pretty mild with a high of 27 degrees and a low of 12 degrees. It will be partly cloudy on Sunday it may get  get colder when the sun isn’t out. 


On Monday it will be a bit warmer with a high of 30 degrees and a low of 19 degrees. Throughout the day there is a 40% chance of snow. Make sure to be careful driving through any snow on Monday if it happens to snow.


Tuesday looks very similar to Monday with a high of 27 degrees and a low of 10 degrees. On Tuesday there is a 30% chance of snow. If it snows both Monday and Tuesday it could add up to a potential snow day or delay.


Be on the lookout for any delays or cancellations throughout the week to stay on top of Beavercreek High Schools Schedule. Bundle up all next week to stay warm in Ohio’s cold weather.