CDC Talks about a Double Mask Mandate

Chase Bennett, Student Journalist

Recently, the CDC has been having talks about instituting a double mask, or a higher grade mask mandate. This would require people to either wear two masks at once, or wear a high-grade medical mask. These talks have arisen largely due to the highly transmissible variants of COVID that have been seen in the U.S. Many experts are saying it is time to upgrade to high-quality KN95 or N95 masks. 

The US is actually behind schedule compared to other countries in the mandate of high-grade medical masks. Many Asian countries such as South Korea have already mass-produced high-quality masks for the public to wear. Many European countries have also mandated medical-grade masks as the new strains of COVID spread more and more. 

Dr. Fauci appeared on television and said that two layers of masks “just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective.” Coming from the nation’s top infectious disease expert, this could be a sign that double layer mandates will likely be coming soon. 

Coming weeks will tell how the USA will move forward with more stringent mask policies. Whether we wear two layers or just a higher grade mask, hopefully these new mandates can help slow the spread and end the pandemic quicker.