What is Network Club?


Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Network Club is an important club at Beavercreek but one that is not frequently talked about. The focus of Network Club is that it is an anti-drug and alcohol abuse club and they do their best to share information about the danger of using drugs and alcohol. One of the main messages that they share is that teens can be happy without using drugs. 

The club is available for everyone to join and they are always accepting new members. They meet just once a month in the auditorium before school on the first Wednesday of every month. They are a very inclusive club, so all who come are welcome.

There are several major activities that take place throughout the year in Network Club. One of them is Red Ribbon Week in which they hang up posters around the school and have a table at lunch in order to share their message of alcohol and drug prevention. The Network Club also holds a hygiene drive every year where they collect items for the Women’s Recovery Center and The Hope Spot.

However, the most exciting event that Network does is the elementary school visits. In these visits a few of the members will head over to one of the elementary schools and spend all day teaching the third and fourth grade classes about the importance of staying away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and nicotine. These visits are always very exciting, and it is fun to see the impact your discussions have on the younger children.

There are also many smaller activities that Network holds throughout the year. If you want to join a low commitment club with cool activities and an important message than go to a meeting yourself!