Speech And Debate Spotlight

Ana Pohlmann, Staff Writer

Many people have a common characteristic of talking everyone’s ear off. For most, it’s about a topic they have a passion for and would like others to learn more about. Speaking eloquently and having a way of convincing others is crucial when developing the skill of public speaking. If this topic interests you, I recommend joining Speech and Debate.

This club focuses on the competitive side of two separate categories which is speaking and debating and going head-to-head with other students on certain topics. When it comes to speaking, there are many different topics to choose as a base: public address, informative speaking, original oratory, interpretation, dramatic interpretation, program oral interpretation, declamation, extemporaneous, humorous interpretation, and duo interpretation. As for debating, there is policy, public forum, Lincoln Douglas and congress. 

So far the team has competed in eight events, with state and national qualifiers coming up. The team has consistently been in the top 10 at states in previous years. However, this year may look different. Team member AJ Houseknecht says, “It’s a lot different having these competitions be over online meetings than in person. It will be pretty challenging.” 

Good luck to all Speech and Debate members as they participate in state qualifiers this weekend and national qualifiers in two weeks!