Shortage of Workers

Caitlyn Russell, Student Reporter

The Mask Mandate lift 

Summer is just around the corner and many are excited for school to be over with, but also students and adults are more excited about the mask mandate to be put in the past. Teenagers are looking forward to spending time with their friends without half their face covered but more importantly spending time in their favorite sport without their breathing being restricted, just like many other members of the Beavercreek band and color guard team. Freshman Delaney Lauden at Beavercreek High School says that she “is very happy that [she] can be in the marching band without a mask and not worry about [her] difficulty breathing during the exercising.” Mask mandates are going to be different based on where people go throughout Ohio. Store owners can choose whether they want to participate in the mask lift or make customers wear their mask. Also many stores will have their employees take off their mask if they show proof of being fully vaccinated.