January 27th and January 28th COVID updates

Caitlyn Russell, Student Reporter

Governor Mike DeWine released the newest information about the Coronavirus on January 27th and 28th. When holding his usual press conferences the new information sounded a little more exciting than previous ones from this year. While talking in his conference, Governor DeWine talked about how the new vaccines would help people. These new updates have the teenages a little excited but it does help everyone, especially the essential workers in our community. 


The update on January 27th talked about a health order that was signed by Ohio Department of Health Director Stephanie McCloud, she reduced the curfew, making the new time eleven o’clock. There are still a lot of specifications that go into the curfew change, but most of the rules remain the same. For example, the curfew still goes to 5 a.m, but we are only allowed to go out when it involves getting medical or food supplies or helping other people when needed. The reason for the pushed back curfew is very excited news, according to Coronavirus.ohio.gov, “The change is being made because Ohio hospitalizations for COVID-19 have remained below 3500 for seven consecutive days” 


The second update on January 28th was directly towards k-12 teachers. These teachers are essential workers and have been helping teach most of the children full-heartly since the beginning. The Ohio Department of Health “K-12 schools whose staff can be vaccinated next week have been notified. All other schools will be contacted tomorrow with information on when their K-12 staff will be permitted to receive a vaccine.” The plan is for the teachers and staff members to receive the vaccine will be discussed on Friday, January 29th, and it is hopeful that most of the K-12 teachers in Ohio will receive the vaccine within seven days of the start date.