Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Caitlyn Russell, Student Reporter

The high school years are a tough time for some people, new classes, new faces and a whole new building; However, the saying is true: high school is a time for making new friends and trying new things, but there are reasons that keep us from getting out of your comfort zone. Fear of judgment, rejection and making awkward conversations trying to make new friends keeps us from trying new things. Getting out of your comfort zone is hard but an important part of growing up. It’s easy to stay within the boundaries that you have set for yourself, we have been there before during our school years but there are ways to get out of your comfort zone and here are five tips to do so. 


  1. Taking the first step of breaking your “cocoon”:

When you walk into the place you want to go, whether it’s scary or not, that is still the first step to getting out of your shell. Kylie, a junior at Beavercreek High School said that “the first day of a new club or sport may be the most awkward but as you go on you get to ease up and be a little more confident each time.” It is the same way for making new friends, branching out is the first step. 

      2.  Don’t pick the safe option:

Every time you have a choice to get outside your comfort zone you have two options: the safe choice or the choice to explore. Also known as the risky choice. The new idea is the one choice that will teach you the most and help you grow as a person. That also includes the choice of putting yourself in a comforting environment versus a new environment, such as joining a new club instead of just going home for the day. 


      3. Consider other people:

When making new friends, always see what they are interested in because it could be a potential way to push yourself out of the comfort zone by trying something new, you do not always have to try to do new things by yourself. The mantra is that small steps lead to bigger steps. For instance, going to a new restaurant or trying on some new clothes when out with a friend. This is a small step that will help branch out because someone is helping you do it.


      4. Say “yes” more often:

we know it the phrase sounds like something out of a television commercial but it is true, when you say no to new opportunities it is subconsciously and physically closing yourself off from the world; However when you introduce yourself and say “yes” to new roles and new ideas that you would have not originally thought of before and it is another way to branch out and meet new people. 


       5. Challenges: 

Always remember that tomorrow is a new day so that means a new goal that you can set for yourself. This is something that we have personally done before. My friend said that they would make a sticky note and write what they wanted to do for the day. An example they gave me was, “at my gym I would say ‘I want to do more of this for today’” and it would help them gain confidence and push themself. What can be learned from it is that doing what you are afraid of is a way to gain confidence and learn to be more carefree. 


Having confidence is what helps you to get out of your comfort zone and taking that first step to putting yourself out into clubs and new sports will help you make the high school experience that you want. Just remember that getting out of your comfort zone is a part of growing up and that everyone has or will do it at some point so don’t be afraid to ask for help, that is also a part of getting out of your comfort zone.