Should Schools be Remote Until Students are Vaccinated

Caitlyn Russell, Student Reporter

December 2nd, 2020, said that on Thanksgiving The COVID monitor – our database tracking coronavirus cases in K-12 schools – showed there had been nearly 250,000 student and staff cases across the United States since August 1.” and that is why schools should be closed until all students are vaccinated. It is a risk to the teachers, students, and student families to have schools stay open. The COVID monitor has been doing a lot of research but “We also have seen that the percentage of students enrolled for in-person classes directly impacts the case rate in school districts. A recent study based on our data found school districts can reduce COVID-19 case rates by about 40% by reducing the in-person class size by 50%.

Even after being through a pandemic for almost an entire year, there are so many uncertainties and uneasy thoughts in the air. While the schools still quarantine many students to try to stay safe, that leaves some of the students’ families worrying about sickness. “More than one million children have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the United States alone.” ( That number doesn’t even count the families that get sick while taking care of their child.

Keeping the students in a closed off environment, away from people that easily spread the virus can help keep their families and themselves safe, especially when there are now so many people who are says that “[they] found that case rates for school districts are often much higher than case rates in the community.”