Will We Have Exams?

Ana Pohlmann, Staff Writer

With the third quarter almost over, the topic of exams are floating in the minds of students at BHS. The previous year, students did not have exams due to COVID. Currently, the administration is deciding whether or not exams will be given this year. 

If they were to be given, students would be taking them the week of May 23rd. The school would follow the same schedule as previous years: 1st and 4th period the first day, 2nd and 5th period the next day, 3rd and 6th period after that, and then 7th period the last day. For some students, however, exams will look a lot different. “Virtual students will be taking exams that are administered through the Edmentum software. As for students that are quarantined during that time, they will have to work something out with their teachers on how to take the exam,” says Principal Wren. 

Although it’s stressful, don’t fret too much about exams. Students are still able to acquire an exemption for one or more classes like in the previous years. Although it is still unknown as to how you can earn an exemption this year, the administration is working to provide that possibility for students. Principal Wren says, “Students should be hearing from us about exemptions in the next couple of weeks.”