Why Hulu is the Best Streaming Service

Chase Bennett, Student Journalist

Out of all of the streaming services out there, Hulu is the best, and I’ll tell you why. Hulu has one of the largest selections of shows and movies; however, it is one of the only streaming services that has advertisements. Really, a streaming service with as many options as Hulu requires ads. Hulu needs to pay for the rights to have everything on their service, and running these ads give them the power to do so. 

With a selection as big as Hulu has, you would think that it would be pretty expensive. This is actually not the case. The ads that they run actually pays for most of the cost, making it cheap for the consumers to pay for. Netflix, arguably the most popular streaming service, costs around fifteen dollars per month. Hulu, which has a bigger and better selection, is only around six dollars per month. 

Along with their large selection, Hulu also has live sports available to watch. It is one of the only streaming services with live television available. It does cost more money than the regular subscription; however, it is still less than cable TV. The opportunity to watch live TV, cost, and large selection make Hulu the best choice of streaming service.