Is Netflix Still Worth Using?

Ana Pohlmann, Staff Writer

The idea of watching any TV show or movie of your choosing with just a click of a button is a blessing in disguise. Why would you pay an absurd amount of money when you’re only going to watch a film once when you can subscribe to a source that allows you access to hundreds of films with many different genres. There are several different streaming services that you can choose from: Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, Hulu, etc. With all of those being great choices, Netflix is the most well known and most preferred. However, you may want to reconsider Netflix being your number one choice 

Netflix is well known for attracting viewers to popular TV shows or movies: “Walking Dead, “Breaking Bad“, “Paul Blart Mall Cop etc. Might I add, Netflix Originals are pretty good as well. However, Netflix has made awful decisions in getting rid of the two best shows ever: “The Officeand “Friends. The outcome of this sparked a nationwide social media rage, which I can completely understand. With this, I can accept that Netflix is turning to dust. 

To get my show binging fix, I go to HBO Max. This is a source that I believe does not get enough credit. It is known to be Netflix’s chief rival, but Netflix does not stand a chance. If you’re wanting to watch classic horror movies like “Scream” or “Nightmare on Elm Street“, HBO Max has that. Netflix doesn’t have “Game of Thrones”, but HBO Max does. Senior Cassie Smithwick says, “I’ve been watching films on HBO Max recently and I love it. I do wish it were cheaper, but it provides the best shows.”

In all, you should switch over to HBO Max. You can put all your trust into it when it comes to providing the best series and movies.