Canes or Chick-fil-a: Which One is Better?

Ana Pohlmann, Staff Writer

One of the many perks about living in the middle of a populated town is having numerous choices on where to eat. Is it late at night and you don’t have any food in the fridge? Drive five minutes to the nearest fast food restaurant. Didn’t like what Mom made for dinner? Say you’re going to get gas but get food instead. Eating out is a lifestyle for many people across the globe. As for me, it comes down to two places where I want to satisfy my cravings: Raising Cane’s and Chick-fil-a. 

Being a fan of both places, it’s hard for me to commit to just one. However, when it comes to variety on the menu, Chick-fil-a will win every time. Chick-fil-a has 10 options for entrees, three different salads, 10 choices for sides, eight different sauces, and five flavors for milkshakes. It also offers a breakfast menu. For Cane’s, it only comes to five entrees with three choices for a side. Senior Luke Kaiser says, “When it comes to the actual chicken, it’s a close call. However, the fries are better and the oreo shake slaps.” 

Both restaurants are based around one particular food item, which is chicken. So, it is only imperative that I become a harsh critique when it comes to each restaurant’s style of fried chicken. Cane’s chicken has that crunch everyone likes. While it’s fried perfectly, it lacks flavor, so you have to rely on the signature sauce to acquire that immaculate taste. Marinated in pickle juice with a crispy texture, Chick-fil-a represents the “perfect” piece of chicken.  

Overall, Chick-fil-a wins by a landslide. Although Cane’s has some work to do, it is still a great place to eat out.