State Testing Occurring This Year

Emily Macbeth, Staff Writer

After a year of uncertainty in school, it has officially been announced that state testing will be taking place this year. The news will most likely be met with mixed reviews as many were lobbying against the tests for this school year. Both students and teachers may feel unprepared for this year’s tests especially after all the changes with methods of learning. 

For the most part, testing should look very similar to years in the past. This includes block testing for everyone, which makes periods much longer. Testing will also remain on Chromebooks in the classrooms that the students are taking the tests for. All other periods will just be longer work periods for the class. 

Virtual students will also be testing this year. The students that need to take tests will come into school during their scheduled time and attend the test. After their tests end, they will be able to leave the school once again unless they have another test to take that day. 

State testing comes after a lot of uncertainty and is a little unexpected. Virtual and in-person students are learning in completely different ways than they’re used to, so many teachers and administrators were hoping for an alternate way of collecting the data that state testing provides. 

As a whole, the news may not be the most exciting for many students, but it is the start of returning to a normal school year. 

Administration is still finalizing the testing dates and schedules for students. Once it is finalized, we will update with the new information.