BHS National Merit Students

BHS National Merit Students

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

National Merit Scholarship Corporation is an organization that gives students scholarships for their performance on the PSAT (preliminary SAT). If a student does well on the PSAT, he or she can qualify for a good scholarship. This scholarship can go a long way in helping with college. If you score within the top 1% you become a semi-finalist, and this will total about 16,000 students in the whole country who are semi-finalist. Once you become a semi-finalist, you fill out an application. Fifteen thousand out of the 16,000 semifinalists become finalists. 5,000 out of the 15,000 finalists will receive a $2,500 scholarship. The rest of the finalists may receive scholarships from their colleges, but not from National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Commended students are students who were scored really close to the semifinalist/finalist range but were just a little below. Here is a list of all the National Merit students at BHS.


Commended students:

Abigail Cohen

Enoch Graham

Natalie Hill

Tegan Kapadia

Ryan Massie

Daniel Rihm


Semi-Finalists and now Finalists:

Eric Anderson

George Chen

Preston Hancock

Spencer Hancock

Thomas Holte

Christopher May

Vivek Prasad

Ranga Rutiser Sundar

Anna Yang

Tiffany Zhou