How to Tell the Difference Between Covid-19, Allergies, and a Cold

John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

With the emergence of Covid-19, it has become harder to tell the difference between Covid-19, allergies, and a cold unless you get a Covid-19 test. In this article, I hope to give you a better knowledge of the symptoms of Covid-19, allergies, and a cold. 

All three of these sicknesses have very similar symptoms. There is a big overlap between them. It is also hard to tell which sickness someone has because not everyone gets the same symptoms. It just depends on the person. For Covid-19, some people show no symptoms while others have almost every symptom. The only symptoms of Covid-19 that are almost solely present for people with Covid-19 are a loss of taste or smell. 

Due to the similar symptoms of these sicknesses, the nurses here have to look at a lot of factors. They look at things such as have you been exposed to someone with Covid-19, when did your symptoms start, what symptoms do you have, and what allergies do you have. They also look at the time of year because colds are more common in the winter while allergies are more common in the fall and spring. Finally, Covid-19 isn’t more common during one specific time period. 

Ultimately, it is hard to tell the difference between these sicknesses. The best way to tell is to get a Covid-19 test. Teressa Lewis, a nurse at Beavercreek High School, said, “I know this isn’t a definitive answer, but when it comes to COVID, we don’t have any way to tell just by symptoms whether or not someone has COVID, versus a cold or allergies. The only way to be sure is to have a test.”