The Blood Drive Returns


Emily Macbeth, Staff Writer

On March 4th, 2021, the annual blood drive returned to the high school. Despite COVID, student council still worked hard to run the event and make it happen. Both students and teachers were able to donate blood this year, and the event was a success. 

Due to COVID, the event was significantly smaller than past years. Over 100 people sign up in a normal year, but this year only 78 were signed up. According to student council member Mackenzie Basl, “The goal is usually around 120 pints of blood, but this year our goal is about 60 pints.” With the nature of the blood drive, it is expected that some donors will not show up or will be turned away for various reasons, so student council sets their goal lower than the amount of people signed up. 

Virtual students were also allowed to sign up for the blood drive if they wanted to donate. The students would come just for their appointment and then they would be able to go back home once their recovery time was over. Few virtual students signed up, but there were some that expressed interest and were able to donate. 

A plus for all donors will be a COVID antibody test. Luckily this year the blood drive was still able to happen and ran smoothly for everyone involved.