Prom Is Confirmed

Chase Bennett, Student Journalist

Earlier this week, Governor DeWine approved the possibility of proms happening this spring. He released a statement of protocols that high school proms will have to follow the same COVID restrictions as weddings. As it applies to BHS, we will be having a prom on May 8th.

 Last year, prom had to be cancelled because of the COVID outbreak. Seniors missed out on many of the normal end-of-year activities that they usually get to participate in. One year later, and we have gained the confidence to host a prom for the 2021 school year. It will look different to the proms of the past, but with everything considered, BHS students should be grateful for even a chance to attend prom this year. After a long, disappointing year of cancelled plans, seniors will not graduate high school without a prom. 

The prom will be held on the football field, and Juniors and Seniors will be able to attend. In addition to this, out-of-school dates are also allowed to come to Beavercreek’s prom. Dancing will be allowed, and masks will be required. If inclement weather does not allow prom to be held on May 8th, the backup date is the following Saturday, May 15th.