Spring 2021 Movie Releases

Chase Bennett, Student Journalist

Last year, movie theatres closed in March, so new movies were not released on schedule. This year, however, movie theaters are open and ready to show the newest blockbuster movies this spring. The list of new movies coming to theatres in the coming months is quite lengthy, so here are some of the highlights. 

Some of the movies that are set to release this spring are “Black Widow”, “Mortal Kombat”, “Voyagers”, and “Godzilla Vs. Kong.” The most anticipated of the bunch is “Godzilla Vs. Kong”, releasing March 31st. This movie pins two of film history’s greatest enemies against each other in an epic battle. King Kong was originally released in 1933, and Godzilla in 1954. These two historic monsters are ready to duke it out in theatres on March 31st. Many moviegoers expect this one to be one of the year’s best. 

The other release dates are as follows: “Voyagers” on April 9th, “Mortal Kombat” on April 16th, and “Black Widow” on May 7th. Although these films highlight the spring releases, there are many more movies set to release this spring. “Cruella”, “Bad Trip”, “Senior Moment”, “Free Guy”, and “Spiral” are some more examples. 

Moviegoers have plenty to look forward to this spring. And after a disappointing spring of 2020, it is greatly needed.