Why Taco Bell is the Best Fast Food Restaurant

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

There are a lot of fast food restaurants, but the best of them by far is Taco Bell. Taco Bell’s great taste for great value makes it better than its competitors. For me, variety is important to me for a fast food restaurant, and Taco Bell has that. 

Taco Bell has a lot of cheap options if you’re just looking for a quick snack. For example, they have many different burritos and tacos for just a dollar. With a dollar you can also get nachos or cinnamon twists. If you want something bigger than that, there are a variety of great deals. My personal favorite is the cheesy gordita crunch. The cheesy gordita crunch is a hard shell taco filled with beef lettuce and cheese with a soft flatbread and melted cheese covering the outside of the hard shell. This is something that Wendy’s or any other fast food restaurant cannot compete with. 

Another great thing about Taco Bell is its drink menu. Taco Bell offers a variety of Freeze drink, which is just a slushie. These Freezes are the perfect drink to go with your food. They also have their own exclusive Mt. Dew drink, Baja Blast. In my opinion, the Baja Blast tastes great and is also great as a Freeze drink. 

Taco Bell is better than any other fast food restaurant for a variety of reasons. First off, they have a big value menu that is great to just grab a cheap snack. They also have bigger options like the cheesy gordita crunch that taste really good. Finally, Taco Bell has a unique drink menu that perfectly complements its food.