Wendy’s Dominates Fast Food

Wendys Dominates Fast Food

Cooper Hansen, Student Journalist

In the great debate of what fast food restaurant is the best, Wendy’s is always part of the conversation. 


When getting fast food, there are two factors which decide whether you will eat there:


  1. The food is cheap. The point of a fast food restaurant is to get a cheap meal. If a person wanted to spend more than 10 per person, they would attend a sit down place. 


  1. The food is quality. While the food being cheap is important, nobody wants to eat food that leaves upset stomachs and is overall just gross. 


Some restaurants like McDonald’s and Taco Bell appeal to people for their cheap food but fail to give the customer a quality meal. Restaurants like Chipotle or Chick-fil-a charge too much for their food but still appeal to people because of the quality of the food.


Finding the balance between cheap and quality food is as easy and finding your local Wendy’s.  


The options at Wendy’s are endless. Everyone loves Wendy’s because of the fresh and never frozen beef that is used in every meal. The 4 for 4 meal is recognized by many as the best deal in all of fast food. This deal includes a drink, nuggets, fries, and a sandwich all for $4. Wendy’s also provides quality combos such as the famous Baconator Combo. 


While providing amazing food for cheap, Wendy’s continues to assert its dominance by roasting other competitors when they fail to reach the same quality standard it holds for itself.