Driver’s Ed Options

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

With the emergence of COVID-19, driving education options have changed. Many places have turned to strictly online courses. Local companies like Wheeler and Drive Right suspended in-person classes and offer online courses. Even though they are offering online courses, the 50 hours and the drives are still required. If your interested in finding out more about these options, visit or

One popular option among teens for driving school is Aceable. For Aceable you go through a long powerpoint that also includes videos. However, if you do Aceable you still need to get your required drives with instructors (these are through Wheeler or Drive Right) and 50 hours. For more information, visit 

Another option is Driver’s Ed. With Driver’s Ed, you can complete all 24 hours of the driving education course online. If you are interested, visit for more details. 

Although there are a lot of online options, you still need to complete your drives with instructors no matter what online option you choose. The best way to do this is by doing this through Drive Right or Wheeler. After you complete a certain amount of hours through an online school for driving, you will receive a certificate. With this certificate, you can contact Drive Right or Wheeler and schedule your required drives. You will also need to do your 50 hours of driving with a parent/guardian. After your hours are completed, you must turn in an affidavit from your parent saying you completed your hours to the BMV. 

Most online courses will have long descriptions of the requirements on their website, so if you’re unsure, visit their website. Drive Right and Wheeler also has information about all the requirements, so you could also check out their website or contact an instructor there.