America’s Back Into The Paris Peace Conference

Caitlyn Russell, Student Reporter


President Joe Biden’s first few months in office have been quite memorable, focusing on many important issues. He signed numerous executive orders for immigration laws and stopping the wall construction that former President Donald Trump started, but that is not the only change from Trump’s presidency. On February 19th, President Biden brought the United States back to the Paris Peace Conference. 

The Paris Peace Conference is something that many Americans don’t know about because it was created with the U.N and other nations during Barack Obama’s presidency, it is an international accord that’s goal is to stop dangerous climate change from ruining our countries.The reason that President Biden is putting the U.S back into the conference is sooner rather than later is that “[he believes that] climate change is one of the gravest dangers facing the country and the world.” he said during his in his inaugural address, President Biden also said that we are “a climate in crisis”. This is one of the top challenges for America.

This is a bigger deal than before because President Trump left the Paris Peace Conference during his time in office, seven months after this pact went into full effect, this left a confusing result on Americans because “Since nearly 200 countries signed the 2015 pact to prevent catastrophic climate change, the United States has been the only country to exit. Then-President Donald Trump took the step, claiming climate action would cost too much.” Wrote Valerie Volcovici, reporter for Reuters.Com