Meditating on Gen Zen Club

AJ Houseknecht, Student Journalist

Gen Zen is a club at the high school that has been running for many months now. Between teaching students good coping skills  and learning how to better handle emotions, this club has been very popular among the student body.

Every Friday after school, the students that make up the Gen Z Club meet in Mrs. Nartker’s room. Led by Jennifer Page and Katie Stonecypher, this club explores the inter-zen all students hold. By finding their inner peace, many students are able to relax and better understand the world in which they live in. It also helps students find a calm moment in the chaos that high school can bring. 

Meditation can also help with many other problems. In a Harvard research study, researchers found that meditation assists with mental health and raises dopamine levels. In the last couple of years, mental health has become a hot topic for many people around the world. Oftentimes, Generation Z is the group most likely to advocate for mental health. With meditation, those who are struggling with any type of mental illness can find inner peace, whether that be from depression or anxiety or maybe even OCD.

Overall, the Gen Zen Club has been helping students throughout Beavercreek High School find their inner peace. This club not only can help with mental health but also it’s relaxation. If interested in joining Gen Zen then, just go to Mrs. Nartker’s room after school any Friday and see what they are all about.