Popular Podcasts Among Teens

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

One rising form of entertainment is podcasts. A podcast is essentially a talk show that you can listen to. Podcasts can vary from comedy to political discussions. Many teens have been listening to podcasts. 

The actor that played Josh in “Drake and Josh, Josh Peck, has a podcast called “Curious.” “Curious” is about any topic that Josh finds intriguing. The topics of his podcasts range from comedy to more emotional topics. He also interviews guests on his podcast. This podcast has been popular among teens. 

Another podcast popular among teens is “#whowouldwin.” The “#whowouldwin” podcast is hosted by James Gavsie and Ray Stakenas. In the podcast they debate who would win in a battle to the death between two characters. Some of their recent episodes include Batman and Robin versus Hobbs and Shaw and the muppets versus sesame street.

“Dear Hank and John” is also a popular podcast among teens. The podcast is hosted by brothers Hank and John Green. In the podcast they offer advice and answer questions given to them by listeners. 

If you are big into podcasts, I’d recommend listening to these podcasts. Even if you aren’t, you should give them a try.