Boys Baseball Update

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

The Beavercreek men’s baseball team has had an astounding season so far. They are first in their conference with a 6-2 record in league play. Their total record is 13-3 giving them a win percentage of 0.81. The Beavers are undefeated when playing at home. Their only three losses of the season have been to Centerville, Oak Hills, and Springboro. Both Centerville and Oak Hills are having pretty good seasons so those losses aren’t too surprising. Springboro isn’t having the best of seasons, but everyone has bad games. The team just needs to learn from their losses and prepare for future games.
Currently, the team is ranked 15th in the state. Some teams that are in the top 15 that the Beavers have played are Butler (13th in the state) and Centerville (10th in the state). Against Butler, the Beavers won, and against Centerville, the Beavers won one but lost the other. Sectional and district tournaments will take place in late May, so hopefully, they can keep up their good run of form.