Levy Vote Incoming

Chase Bennett, Student Journalist

On May 4th, Beavercreek residents will vote to renew the school levy. If passed, this levy will not increase taxes on beavercreek residents; taxes will remain the same as before the levy is renewed. If not renewed, Beavercreek City Schools will be undergoing major changes.

The changes for elementary students will be as follows: art, music, and PE will be eliminated, the instructional day will be shortened, and kindergarten will be half day instead of full day. 

Middle school and high school advanced classes will all be eliminated, so advanced students will not be able to take scholarship, sonors, or AP classes. Along with this, elective options will be dramatically reduced for high school and middle school. All students in middle and high school will be forced to take a study hall, and the instructional day for middle school will be shortened. 

Bussing will be eliminated for high school students, and it will only be available for the K-8 students within two miles of their school. 

There will be pay-to-participate fees ranging from $50-600 required for any student participating in a club, activity, or sport. 

Dramatic changes could be coming to Beavercreek students, depending on the outcome of the vote on May 4th.