Softball Update

Emma Schell, Student Journalist

Despite Covid-19 taking the world by storm, both softball teams at Beavercreek High School have done really well during their 2021 season. With games almost every day, the Varsity team is 16-2, while JV is 15-1. As of April 30, Beavercreek places 10th in the entire state. Right now, Haley Ferguson, a freshman and one of the pitchers for the Varsity team, currently has the most amount of pitched strikeouts in the entire state, along with the top spots for batting average and RBIs, or runs batted in. According to Laney Conrad, freshman at BHS and one of the pitchers for Varsity, she states that, “I feel like our teams are doing very well this year. We have incredible talent, incredible work ethic, and every single person is all in. I do believe this is one of our better years.” JV is also doing really well. With Jessica Chastain, a sophomore and one of the pitchers for JV, leading the highest running average in the state, they can’t be beat. Jessica says that “Our team is doing very well. We have high energy and always support each other.”
This is probably the best year of softball we’ve ever had. With that, we all wish you luck in your future games and hope you win! Go, Beavers!