Getting New Chromebooks

AJ Houseknecht, Student Writer

For the 2021 – 2022 school year, Beavercreek High School students will be getting new Chromebooks. However before we are able to dive into this new age of Chromebooks it is essential that we return the old ones that we have.

Students who are in person can return their Chromebooks whenever they are done with them. In order to return your Chromebook, you must go to the IMC with your Chromebook and your charger. You will be guided through the Chromebook return process by one of the librarians. It is important that you keep your Chromebook case with you and do not return it to the librarian, because that is how you will be getting your new Chromebook next year.

On the topic of the new Chromebooks, there is not much to say. It is suspected that they will be very similar to the ones we already have, however they will run smoother, have a slightly longer battery life, and will have new programming that will help students even further. 

In order to get your new Chromebook for next year, please make sure that you return your Chromebook to the IMC. It is essential that all students have returned their Chromebook so that we do not have any missing Chromebooks over the summer.