Wrapping Up Men’s Volleyball

AJ Houseknecht, Student Journalist

After one season off the court, the men’s volleyball team is back. Although they have had to overcome some difficulties this year, they have had an impressive season.

Unfortunately, this season was affected by covid-19. According to Coach Bysak, “their leadership roles did have to change a bit because the upperclassmen were not able to mentor the younger class men like they were in previous years.” Alongside this, because they did not have a season last year they have had to rekindle their skills and learn to work together as a team again. 

However, besides all of this they did make some incredible accomplishments this year. The men’s volleyball team’s 1st All-Star All-region team included Joshua Culpepper and Sam Little. These two men were also on the 1st All-Star All-league team.  Anthony Sanfilippo and Hayvin Larison also made it onto the 2nd All-Star all-region team and the 2nd All-Star All-league team. Congratulations to these four boys on making it into such a competitive team. They all look forward to what you will be able to do in the future.

With a 15 to 7 record, the men’s volleyball team did not disappoint this season. Although they did have some unconventional struggles to overcome, they still achieved many goals and won many matches.